Hearthstone Arena Match 5 (Paladin), Score 4-3 (final)


Finally, I was given a Paladin class choice and I gladly picked it. This deck drafted by Heartharena was completely crazy. No 7+ drops. Again no legendaries (have I got a legendary before in the first place?). Anyway, a little bit skeptical, let’s give it whirl and everyone get in here!

Game 1

Paladin vs Shaman

Right off the blocks, my Light Justice took control. Throughout the whole game he could not get anything on the board esp. after my Demolisher was on board killing his totem or hitting his face or damaging his minions. Turning point was I killed both his Chillwind Yetis with 1 of my Mechanical Yeti on board. First with Mechanical Yeti and Light Justice, second time with 1 health Mechanical Yeti and Coghammer to divine shield my Mechanical Yeti. He never expected me to swap to my Coghammer with still 2 durabilities on my Light Justice. He did not see it coming. The Demolisher lasted throughout the whole game until he quited which was probably a mistake. It was dealing free 2-damage every turn. He used up his Crackle on my Dark Cultist and the Demolisher just demolished everything literally. Throughout the whole game, I had this incredible urge to play out my minions or summon a silverhand recruit but I know the devastating effect of Lightning Storm and MCT so I kept it at 3 all the time in order to not overcommit.

Amazing as it is, he had a legendary Toshley! His health in lethal, he quitted.

Score: 1-0

Well met!

Paladin drew first blood. Well met! Stay tuned.

Game 2

Paladin vs Hunter

Again I had full control but lost. He had a Mechanical Yeti on board left, charged his Rhino and Stranglehold Tiger into my face for 11 damage and lethal me. What a waste. Against Hunter, must know when to switch to face when needed as it’s a race to lethal each other. Lesson learnt.

Score: 1-1

Justice demands retribution!

Game 3

Paladin vs Priest

Made 2 mistakes still won, lucky. He absolutely had no board control after he lost his Velen’s Chosen Earthen Farseer. My final minions were all 4-health which was his blind spot. All the while maintaining 3 minions on board. In the end, he still could faceless my Mechanical Yeti. Their draw was absurd. Well, play with what I had.

Score: 2-1

Well met!

Game 4 (won)

Paladin vs Priest

No mistakes. He has no board control.

Score: 3-1

Well met!

Game 5 (lost)

Paladin vs Hunter

Ran out of health again. Need to be more aggro.

Score: 3-2

Well met!

Game 6 (won)

Paladin vs Paladin

Perhaps a slight lead. Turning point when I stole his Redemption with Kezan and killed his Sunwalker. He conceded after that.

Score: 4-2

Well met!

Game 7 (lost – final)

Paladin vs Priest

He had Cairnhill Bloodhoof legendary. Aldor Peacekeep him and went all out with all my minions for face. Perhaps a big mistake as he Holy Nova and the rest was history.

Final Score: 4-3

Rewards: A measly 55 gold but an extra wonderful card which I yearn for – UTH.

Well met!

Hearthstone Dr Boom Counter

Dr. Boom

I play as Grim Patron Warrior:

Option 1: Highest Success Rate

  1. Use Warsong Commander + Grim Patron to hit Boom Bot to multiply.
  2. Depending on luck, if the bomb explodes for 1 damage on the old or newly spawned Grim Patron, it will benefit you by multiplying. 2 damage on the new Grim Patron is also good. Killing your original Grim Patron or even the Warsong is fine. Face damage to you is also good provided you survive. Worst case is if it kills your newly spawned Grim Patron.
  3. Use Whirlwind/DeathBite’s deathrattle on opponent’s face to multiply your Grim Patrons and execute Dr. Boom. If you do not have execute, then DeathBite + last Grim Patron on Dr. Boom which is not the most ideal.

Option 2: Medium Success Rate

  1. Big Game Hunter (BGH) to kill Dr. Boom and Whirlwind/DeathBite deathrattle or vice-versa. The latter will have a lot of face damage but retain your BGH. So depending on whether you are near lethal.

Option 3: Lowest Success Rate

I tried Grim Patron and Whirlwind multiple times before. Not as successful.

Apple Watch

Apple Watch

It has arrived!

You can probably buy a lowest end iPhone with the price of the lowest cost Apple Watch. It’s the latest hype and you will definitely be noticed.

From the news articles, it is not life changing as compared to iPhone or iPad. Battery life is about 1 day when fully charged.

Wish List

  1. What I really like to see in the next version will be able to put in a nano-SIM so it will really function independently with a bluetooth earpiece. No need to carry more than 1 device when exercising outdoors.
  2. At least water-resistant for all-weather sports or just swimming.

Th3 RaT Grim Patron Warrior

Th3 RaT Grim Patron Warrior Deck

Dust Cost: 800

I used this to break past rank 15, which was a wall to me in the past. Highest rank reached was 12 last season. This season rank 12 now again.

I was a bit skeptical initially as no legendary (only BRM Emperor Thaurissan). Only Wallet/Control Warriors dominated the ranks.

You must try this as it is cheap and good. Proven. I modified it slightly swapping Gnomish Inventor with Loot Hoarder just to have something to play on 2 mana and also want to play my Deathbite on 4 mana.

Also, Loot Hoarder 2 mana (1 mana when reduced with Emperor Thaurissan) early game damages Rogue or force them to waste a spell on it. Mid/Late game it can easily charge with Warsong for that extra damage or desperate to kill a big legendary with an execute if no Whirlwind effects or weapons on hand.

Update: Using Zalae’s deck.
-2 Dread Corsair
-2 Cruel Taskmaster
-1 Unstable Ghoul
-1 Fiery War Axe
+2 Shield Block
+2 Inner Rage
+1 Armorsmith (face hunters & zoolocks)
+1 Gnomish Inventor

*Update 2:
-1 Gnomish Inventor
+1 Kezan Mystic (because of mid-range hunters & mech mages)

Favorable Matchups: Face Hunter, Freeze Mage, Midrange Paladin, Control Priest, Lightbomb Priest, Midrange Shaman, Midrange Demonzoo, Zoo

Unfavorable Matchups: Ramp Druid, Handlock, Control Warrior (even), Oil Rogue (even), Murlock, Mech Mage